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Beach Day

Instax Wide and a fall day on the Oregon Coast

Story by Jonathan Potter December 2nd, 2017

The instax life

My wife and I have been shooting a lot of instant photos over the past three years. We started first with the mini film, and last year made the leap up to its big brother, the wide. We like to bring it with us on our various trips around the world. Most recently, we were on the Southern Oregon coast, in a small beach town called Bandon.

Oregon Dunes state park

The weather was nice, but the winter tides brought the surf high onto the beach. The beach next to the jetty had been big enough less than 24 hours before this photo was taken for our dog to run on. On this day, however, the tides were high, the wind whipped through the air, and the beach was full of drift wood being pushed around by water.

The jetty at the Coquille river.
Edie, our 1 year old English Springer Spaniel braces against the wind.
Driftwood litters the beach from the high winter tides.

The Coquille River lighthouse stands sentinel at the end of the jetty in Bandon. Overlooking a quiet town and the bar at the Coquille river, the lighthouse built in 1895 and went into operation in 1896. By 1939 the Coast Guard shut the lighthouse down in favor of an automated beacon on the jetty. It now stands as a testament to the ocean, and a town that carries on.

Footnote: Shot on Instax Wide with a Lomo'Instant Wide
Bandon, OR, United States